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fire and smoke damage

Fires are destructive and devastating, but smoke from the fire can cause even more damage. Smoke clings to walls, equipment, furniture and fabrics, leaving your contents covered in soot and smelling of smoke. Purl Brook DKI is fully equipped with the latest technologies to not only rebuild and restore your building but also restore your contents to their original state.Our staff has been specially trained and certified by IICRC (Institution of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) to deal with these losses. We will evaluate the damage, meet with insurance adjusters, plan and coordinate the rebuild as well as clean and restore your contents so that you may resume your life as it was before.The dramatic and devastating effect of a fire is in most cases overwhelming. Purl Brook DKI will immediately respond and handle the damage evaluation, demolition, pack outs, reconstruction, content storage and cleaning plus deodorizing your home and personal effects to your satisfaction. Smoke fires cause extensive damage to a home or commercial site; walls, contents, and belongings are blackened with soot and the smell of fire.

Damage Evaluation
Smoke Odor Removal
Board ups
Emergency Power/Heating
Content Protection, Cleaning & Storage
Water Extraction
Mold,Mildew & Asbestos Ratification
Dehumidification & Structural Drying

water damage

Water damage is the most common form of disaster, whether from a spring flood or a frozen pipe bursting. Purl Brook DKI staff are specially trained and equipped to respond to these emergencies and provide remediation. The staff will mitigate and repair the damage done, returning your building to its pre-loss condition quickly and efficiently. We call this DKI Certified Dry © and it's guaranteed.When you discover water in your house, it is important to start the process immediately as Mould can start growing as quick as 72 hours. With proper drying and tear out, we can guarantee your living conditions will stay healthy.Water, flooding or a plumbing failure is devastating to anyone and can mean thousands of dollars in losses to structural and/or building contents, which can include electronic equipment, documents, home furnishings, carpets etc.  Flooring installation will do a full assessment and lower the risk of additional damages plus save on restoration costs. We have trained professionals and only use the latest technology. By using probes and electronic moisture meters we can detect the presence of moisture inside a wall or underneath a carpet without serious demolition or disturbance to surface areas. Our service provides for water mitigation and restoration of the property including extraction, dehumidification, structural drying, deodorizing and the treatment of any retard mold and mildew developing. We have dehumidifiers & drying systems available to service your specific needs.

Water Extraction
Structural Drying
Drywall & Painting
Drapery & Rug Drying, Cleaning & Replacement
Mildew, Odor & Asbestos Removal
Drying & Dehumidification
Structural Repairs
Complete Flooring Installation

wind and storm damage

Storms can strike anywhere and often without warning. Windstorms can topple full-grown trees onto your building, and hailstones can cause severe structural damage. We are fully prepared to deal with these types of disasters. We will mitigate the loss and minimize business interruption.We  can come to the rescue of home owners and commercial clients who have had to deal with natural disasters such as wind, hail, lightning, floods etc. Natural disasters can happen any time, any where and in most cases they are unpredictable and can create devastating destruction. A fallen tree, for example can cause extensive damage to any home or building when considering the effects of roof, siding and/or structural damage possibilities.We are fully prepared and will act quickly to clear the debris and make your property livable again. We will work with your insurance provider to restore your damaged property to its original condition and to your satisfaction.

Debris Removal
Temporary Board Ups
Glass Breakage Cleanup/Replacement

mould, MILDEW & asbestos 

Mould  is recognized as a health concern and major problem in structures today. Mould and mildew can grow virtually everywhere if moisture is present. Purl Brook DKI will  use the latest technology and biological agents to handle environmentally sensitive claims .Proper remediation techniques will be followed to handle every situation. Typically we will determine the source of the mold and /or asbestos and commence the remediation process. This may mean, in some case, the need to remove such things as affected drywall, carpets and other building materials. If required the work area will be set up with containment to protect the indoor environment during the remediation process. Exposed building areas are then cleaned and disinfected. In some cases an Environmental Company must be called in to assist with the assessment process/situation to ensure the correct “mold protocol” action is being taken. This is done to ensure a safe environment when considering the type of mold and the degree of the mold contamination. Upon completion of the mold remediation work, final testing is then done and a clearance certificate will be issued by the Environmentalist. At Purl Brook DKI our certified Remediation Technicians are committed to safety.

Contents cleaning

When disaster strikes, the contents of a building may have been affected. We at Purl Brook DKI will pack out , remove, clean ,transport and store your items  in one of our many storage units . Being part of the Disaster Kleenup International network allows us to offer complete cleaning using Esporta System, Ultrasonics and Electronics cleaning. Specialized cleaning is just one of the  benefits of membership in DKI.


It happens more often than you might think - drivers lose control or misjudge distances and crash into or through buildings. Whether intentional or accidental, vehicle impact damages can be extensive. Purl Brook DKI is able to assess the damages and restore your building to its original condition.

vandalism repair

Vandalism is an unfortunate occurrence in today's society, often resulting in the defacement or destruction of a structure. Purl Brook DKI will send staff to your location to take the necessary action and get you back in business as soon as possible.

From the inception of contacting Purl Brook Enterprises through to an exceptionally successful completion and beyond, we experienced only highly efficient professionalism and amicable communication. We would highly recommend Purl Brook Enterprise, Ltd. to anyone seeking their expertise.

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We provide 24/7/365 day emergency services for Water, Sewer, Fire, Wind and Odour. We are equipped with response vehicles, extraction equipment, air movers, dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, and cleaning equipment to handle any and all emergency assignments.
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