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How is PurlBrook DKI related to my insurance claim?

Initially, your insurance company contacts PurlBrook DKI to attend to your emergency to mitigate damage. PurlBrook DKI sends qualified employees to determine the cause of loss, assess your damage and begin proper measures to mitigate loss. PurlBrook DKI also sends out an Estimator, who gathers all necessary information to create a scope of work. This scope shows all labour and material required to tear out and rebuild the property. The Scope of Work is sent off to your insurance company for approval, which may take a few days. Rebuild work can only begin once we have received approval from the insurance company.
Will my insurance cover all costs required to repair the damage? 

Your insurance adjuster assigned to your claim is the only individual qualified to answer this question. PurlBrook DKI employees cannot comment on your insurance policy. All questions must be directed to the adjuster.
What is a deductable? 

Most insurance policies have a deductible amount that the policy holder is responsible to pay. The deductible amount, if any, is due immediately after repairs have been completed, and can be made payable to “PurlBrook Enterprises.” Payment must be in the form of cheque, cash or e-transfer only.
Why must I sign a Work Authorization or Work Satisfaction Form? 

Before we are able to begin work on your property, you are required to sign a Work Authorization form to prove PurlBrook DKI has legal access to your site. When repairs are completed, you must sign a Work Satisfaction Form, to prove to your insurance company the work has been completed to your utmost satisfaction.

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We provide 24/7/365 day emergency services for Water, Sewer, Fire, Wind and Odour. We are equipped with response vehicles, extraction equipment, air movers, dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, and cleaning equipment to handle any and all emergency assignments.
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